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will lead the next legion/00


Is /00


Who will command legion #/00

Select a unit/00

Form legion #/00



We can carry up to /00

Take how much food?/00


Please come back safely!/00

Good luck!/00

Launch the invasion/00

You must organize a defense!/00


A rebellion broke out in /00

Revolt /00


has invaded /00

has invaded us!/00

of /00

, it's an emergency!/00

. OK?/00

to invade /00

, I seek permission/00

was cut down in battle/00

's army was crushed/00

Appoint whom Governor of /00


of /00

became the Governor/00

This land is safe with me/00

It seems my time has come/00

I'm most honored/00

won the war/00

The battle ended in a truce/00

Er, the war didn't go quite as planned.../00

Victory is ours!/00

The rebels/00




There is no greater shame than this/00

Ah, life's cruel fate!/00

You won't see me beg!/00

Untie this annoying rope!/00

I have nothing to say to you!/00

I choose death before dishonor/00

Strike quickly, or you'll regret it!/00

I won't beg for mercy. Do your duty!/00

How humiliating!/00

My luck is exhausted/00

Whew! I thought that was it!/00

I will not be defeated next time!/00

Your mercy will prove fatal some day.../00

Thank you for your mercy/00

We will meet again.../00

I deeply thank you for your mercy/00

I guess this is my destiny/00

I'll leave my past behind and serve you/00

Why do you spare my life?/00

I shall serve you well!/00

I could never serve you/00

I won't serve the likes of you!/00

I'll never bow to you/00

I'm afraid /00

Your son /00

is... gone!/00

was cut down.../00

What shall we do with the prisoners?/00


It's a great honor/00

I will do my best/00

No, I'm not interested/00

Very well/00

Shall we recruit him?/00

is here/00

A talented man named /00



is now /00

. Change it/00



is /00

View Battle/00

View Combat/00





very fast/00


Change speed to /00

Current message speed is /00

Game saved as /00

Game could not be saved/00

Save the current game/00

will be erased/00

Computer will play /00

Find out what happens/00

Start over/00

End this game/00


Which debug command?/00



and cold,/0A/00


and a fearless/0A/00

had strong limbs/0A/00

of legend, Temujin/0A/00

Like the gray wolf/0A/00

the Mongols./0A/00

day become Khan of/0A/00

Temujin, would one/0A/00

that the boy, named/0A/00

The oracles foretold/0A/00


a baby boy was/0A/00

Mongolian steppes,/0A/00

warriors roamed the/0A/00

tribes of nomadic/0A/00

In 1162 A.D., when/0A/00

Mongol Origins/0A/00

- Legend of the/0A/00


his Empress a white/0A/00

clouds, and took as/0A/00

descended from the/0A/00

A gray wolf/0A/00

of /00

by the armies/00

world was conquered/00

the entire known/00

that in the year /00

Let the sages record/00


, what are your orders?/00

Are you finished/00

There are merchants in our territory/00

Issue orders yourself?/00

Then I will do so on your behalf/00

Select your home base/00

That state is not ours/00

Now you must give the child a name/00


Select nation of Player /00

Cannot choose that nation!/00


/1BCE/1BB0In the %s of %4d, the/0Awarring tribes of the/0AMongolian steppes were/0Aunited by %s of/0A%s./00

First you must appoint an advisor/00

Are these policies OK?/00

Are these changes OK?/00

Cancel current policies?/00

Cannot invest in a nation with no advisor/00

Issue policies to which state?/00

Allocate labor/00

Cannot order your home base/00

That state's turn is over/00

Cancel existing orders/00

Invade which state?/00

Cannot invade that state/00

Are you sure/00

Move units where?/00

Cannot move them there/00

Cannot move more troops there/00

They have no units to send/00

Cannot send it there/00

Threaten or demand tribute?/00

Send envoy where?/00

Cannot select that state/00

No vassal state to order/00

There is no vassal state/00

Cannot appoint governor of the home base/00

, I humbly request/00

that you let me govern this province/00

Appoint which state's advisor?/00

Dismiss which state's advisor?/00

Royal family members cannot be advisors/00

No advisor in that state/00

You cannot have more generals/00

Promote this man?/00

Appoint which state's governor?/00

No prince to make general/00

Appoint which prince as general?/00

is still too young/00

Make this prince a general/00

You have no daughters/00

Marry off which princess?/00

Which general will be her groom?/00

He cannot marry her/00

Go through with the wedding/00

Select another state/00

That state is not adjacent/00

OK to move/00

May I go with you?/00

Move them where?/00

Cannot move any more units/00

Not enough gold/00

Move which unit? /00

Move how many units?/00

Cannot move more units/00

Send to which state?/00

That state can't store any more!/00

Move what?/00

There are no states to send to/00

No soldiers left in home base/00

Training level increased/00

Training had no effect/00

Discharge which? /00

Discharge how many?/00

OK to discharge/00

Give which item? /00

The people's loyalty increased/00

You gave too little to satisfy them/00

There are no people/00

The people have nothing left to give/00

Approach which merchant: /00

merchants are not present/00

No merchants here/00

You have nothing to sell/00

You have no gold/00

You cannot add more army units/00

Who will lead the army?/00

We can't afford any more legions/00

We have no more units/00

How much gold will they carry?/00

We have no more gold/00


Command the army yourself?/00

Form legions yourself?/00

Abort the invasion?/00

Not enough gold for an invasion/00

We have no troops!/00

Organize how many units?/00

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